The Twilight Realms

Villagers--January 27, 2016

Summary of events as recalled by Sam(wise)

-We used the mold from the Mining Town to forge the Hammer-key to the Dwarven citadel underneath Shadowspire.

-While waiting for it to be made by the blacksmith, we went to the spire and found the last remaining Elf in the city loyal to Vedanta.

-No new info where she went.

-We then got the hammer, and few supplies, and went to the Monestary where Jermaine crashed the wedding.

-Went into the catacombs — killed the giant worm.

-Entered Dwarven Citadel. Shawn got hit by booby-trap. After that, we navigated thru them.

-Found a mausoleum filled with dead Gnome Women in Citadel.

-Heard something preparing to ambush us. (Cliffhanger). We’re debated how I can use illusion to turn the tide on them.


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