The Twilight Realms

Villagers--February 23, 2016

Long ago, there was a dwarf named Bloodbeard, who wanted to unite all the dwarven realms, Genghis Khan style. There are legends of him consorting with a mountain demon/spirit/god to acquire his power. Morgan defied him, and his clan was wiped out. Morgan’s descendants survived, however. While Flint fled to the surface, and roamed the earth, his brother, named Fargrim, fled underground to a citadel.

The Villagers, along with Fargrim, his half Dwarf half Gnome son Vondel, and 6 (?) Gnome guards make it to the Mines.
While most of the company rests at night fall near the Mining village, Fallon has fun eavesdropping on a group of humans at a distance. They discuss what to do with a peculiar gem, a life gem, with roots sprouting from within it that they found in an abandoned place. Fallon waits for them to fall asleep and steals loot from them all. Before leaving, he stages it as if one of them stole from others. He informs the group of his findings and advises to avoid unnecessary confrontation with them. Far grim agrees so keep moving to find camp for the night farther ahead in the trail.
Sometime after day break… As they approach the Mining village, the company is surprised by 4 scrawny looking guards suited in ill fitting guards uniforms. The rangers are immediately suspicious of them, especially after the first one naturally leans in to sniff Fallon. They demand that we give them all our food. Fallon negotiates in agreeing to only give them enough for them all and no more. The guards ravage at the food as if they have not eaten in weeks. Their movements freak out the villagers and their Gnome and Dwarf companions.
Fallon nudges at the front gate in an attempt to open it. It falls on the ground causing loud enough noise to alert the entire village. The group realizes that its inhabitants are all giant rats… Khell brings out his ocarina and starts to play as the group keeps pressing forward up the main road leading into the mines. The rats follow.
At the mine entrance, the group is stopped by a few humans and demand we stop. Khell speaks up stating our business without holding back any information and persuades them to let us go through. One of the guards calls out to another saying to inform their “father" that we’ve arrived. This father’s name is unfamiliar to the villagers.
Having been there already, the two rangers lead the way through the mines into Morgran’s chamber. The giant room where they met Ricardo and his siren was now filled with working skeletons. Fallon attempted to get close enough to see them. Unlike the previous phantoms the villagers encountered here, these skeletons appeared conscious of Fallon. He went back to the group and everyone kept moving onward avoiding confrontation successfully.
They make it safely but notice that there is no throne anymore in this room, and the wall behind it is now a deep corridor. This corridor is littered with erratic Dwarfish writing. Fallon reads some of it, but it’s mostly incoherent, except for one word—Blood Mountain (?).
Far grim becomes suspicious and asks if this is a trap he’s been led to. Villagers assure him this is not the case and follow the corridor straight through until they reach Morgran.
Khell presents Morgran his last heirs. Villagers stay put observing a family moment between Morgran and Fargrim. Morgran is disgusted by Fargrim at what he’s done to their family line and declares that Vondel is not an acceptable heir to their throne. At this point, it’s clear that Morgran wishes to destroy Vondel. Dread wolf attempts to warn Vondel of this so he can make a run for it.



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