The Twilight Realms

Villagers--February 16, 2016

(Continued from cliffhanger last session…)

Villagers avoid an ambush attempt by a small group of Gnomes and their Captain (?) thanks for Fallon’s language skills in Dwarven. The group learns that this is captain is actually one of Fargrim’s sons!
Vondel (sp?) leads the villagers to Fargrim himself (still alive!) deeper in this tunnel. On the way, Villagers hear faint groans coming from another tunnel, a creature of some sort. They did not seem to come out of pain or fear, so the group stayed on track to meet Fargrim.
The company soon reach what appears to be a ceremonial chamber, but has been decked out like a bedroom. On this bed is an unconscious female Gnome chained to the bed which is surrounded by Dwarves runes. Villagers are warned not to try to go beyond this magical barrier. Horrified, they continue to the next room and meet Fargrim.
Villagers explain their business to Fargrim persuading him to leave his current dwelling and go claim the Mines. Fargrim agrees.
Before they take off though, Khellendros enquires about Fargrim’s sons. The groans heard earlier were that of Fargrim’s first son, an abomination that he’s not proud of. Having put these pieces together, the group learns that Fargrim had succeeded in mating with the chained up female Gnome in the enchanted bed chamber.
Khell being Khell, goes back into the bed chamber to try and rescue the Gnome prisoner. But Vondel is there guarding his mother. He hits him in the head and persuades him to accompany the group on their journey to the Mines. By now Fargrim has taken the rest of the group, except for Khell and Vondel, back up to the surface using a secret passageway. On their way out of the tunnels, Aloiene notices an etching of a familiar symbol on a small pillar. This symbol is the same she noticed on the bottles of wine inside the citadel…
Instead of going through the Citadel, villagers persuade Fargrim to follow them through another alternate passageway to avoid unwanted attention from Thieves running the city.
The group makes it out alive out of Shadwospire and make their way to the Mines with the two rangers leading the way.


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